The queue for the Ferrari Purosangue stretched for two years

The queue for the Ferrari Purosangue stretched for two years: orders are no longer accepted

The first off-road vehicle of the Italian brand caused a stir as expected

Ferrari entered the crossover segment with the Purosangue (“Pureblood” in Italian) in mid-September. The five-door model from Maranello with V12 became the fastest SUV in the world and a hit on the market. Already a couple of days after the start of accepting orders, marketing manager Enrico Galliera said that sales could be suspended due to the influx of buyers. This is what happened: for a car that has not yet got on the conveyor and has not even got a price tag, a queue lined up two years in advance.

Back in the spring, Ferrari announced that Purosangue, unlike competitors, will be produced in a limited edition to maintain the image of an exclusive model. The management did not name specific numbers, but mentioned that the crossover would account for no more than 20 percent of total sales. As a result, in just two and a half months from the start of sales, Ferrari managed to collect orders for two years in advance.

“It’s no secret that we stopped taking orders. We aroused great interest without even placing a single copy. Therefore, we have made a decision that we think is in line with the positioning of Ferrari and the model,” said Galliera.

This is in stark contrast to Lamborghini’s approach to the Urus crossover, which has become the brand’s sales force. In addition, Purosangue is noticeably more expensive than competitors: according to Autocar, its cost in the UK will be 313 thousand pounds or 22.5 million rubles – almost twice the British price of the same Urus.

Purosangue production should start before the end of this year, with first customer deliveries expected in the second quarter of 2023.

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