Tesla owners complain about aggression

Tesla owners complain about aggression and hatred from other motorists

Similar behavior is associated with the personality of Elon Musk

The British edition of The Guardian published stories of Tesla owners who have recently complained en masse about the aggression of drivers of cars with classic internal combustion engines. The owners of electric cars report that they are constantly cut off on the roads, blocking exits from the parking lot, and blocking access to charging stations. Some experts believe that the reason for this behavior is partly related to the activities of the owner of the American corporation.

One of the owners of Tesla from the US state of Oregon said that he often notices how other drivers show him obscene gestures and shout insults from their cars. At the same time, a man does not face such aggression when he drives other cars. A resident of Washington state said that she was tried several times to push freeways while she was driving an electric car. As it turned out, in this way, the drivers decided to joke.

Another owner of Tesla in the first week after buying an electric car complained that they were constantly trying to overtake and cut him. In addition, other drivers often make it difficult to change lanes and abruptly slow down in front of him. When a man drives his Ford Fusion, this does not happen.

The representative of the Electric Vehicle Association, Mark Geller, said that such behavior of drivers on the roads is connected with the personality of Elon Musk. If earlier right-wingers did not like electric car owners, now, after Musk bought the largest social network, as well as the restoration of Donald Trump’s account, many car owners began to show aggression towards Tesla drivers more often.

In early June, Elon Musk once again confirmed the status of an eccentric businessman. Then the head of Tesla cut staff because of “a very bad feeling.”

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