Bosch to start serial production of microcircuits in Dresden

Bosch begins production of the first silicon wafers for semiconductors at its new plant in Dresden.

The full launch of the production of microcircuits at the new, fully automated factory is scheduled for June 2021, according to the press service of the German company.

The start of production at the new plant in Bosch is said to be the company’s response to the growing demand for semiconductor devices in a range of industries.

The Dresden plant will manufacture silicon wafers with a diameter of 300 millimeters; at 60 micrometers thick, they will be thinner than a human hair.

In automobiles as specific integrated circuits (ASICs), these semiconductors act as the “brain” of the car, the manufacturer specifies.

Such microcircuits process information from sensors and give a “command” for further actions of various vehicle systems. Silicon chips are only a few square millimeters in size and contain complex circuits, sometimes with several million individual electronic functions.

From the wafers, Bosch intends to produce power semiconductors for use in devices such as DC-DC converters in electric and hybrid vehicles.

Construction of a new semiconductor plant in Dresden began in June 2018; the area of the site on which it is located is about 100,000 sq. m.

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