Android Auto came to another 750 thousand cars around the world

iDrive 7 is already available over the air in the German home market. More widespread adoption is expected in the coming weeks in Europe, China, USA, Canada, and so on. BMW has confirmed that iDrive 7 will be rolled out to all compatible devices, which is roughly three quarters of a million BMWs worldwide.

As part of iDrive 7, Android Auto with wireless smartphones becomes available in cars.

Recall that the epic with the advent of support for the Android Auto platform for BMW cars has been going on for several years. Until now, the German automaker has only offered integration with Apple smartphones.

In 2017, the automaker even claimed that it had no plans to add Android Auto. In December, the company announced that Android Auto support would soon be available in its vehicles. Then it was announced that support for Android Auto will appear in all BMW cars with the 7.0 proprietary system in 20 countries around the world in July 2020.

When an iDrive 7 update arrives, the user will receive an alert from the BMW Connected app. The update is available for free.

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