Where does the food we eat come from? Italy and France ask the EU for more clarity

The new European regulation on the mandatory indication of food origin will come into force next April. But for our country it is not enough. With us Paris, Madrid, Athens and Lisbon

On 1st April 2020 the EU regulation on the indication of origin of the primary ingredient in food will come into force. In essence, companies will have the obligation to insert a label stating the place of production of the main ingredient of the agri-food product sold to the consumer.

But for a number of member countries, including ours, the new rules leave too many loopholes open. This is why Italy, together with France, Spain, Portugal and Greece, is now asking the Commission “one step further” to improve the transparency and clarity of the new labels.

While admitting that the EU regulation is “a step forward”

The 5 Member States have prepared a document, which will be presented to the Agriculture Council next week, which calls for “evolving” and “strengthening” a framework of common rules in matter that is integrated into the debate on the ‘Farm to Fork’ strategy (‘from field to table’) which should start just next spring.

“We must make clear the origin of products – says the Minister of Agriculture, Teresa Bellanova – where the raw material comes from, how it was grown and transformed and packaged. This is a fundamental point because we must allow producers to have an income dignified and this also by making sure that they can make known the quality of their products,

According to Italian producers, in fact, the regulation leaves too many spaces open to potential fraud, in particular as regards the identification of the main ingredient.

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