The agricultural trip you don’t expect

Agriculture and surroundings: between large expanses, farms and multinationals. Agriviaggi takes professionals and fans of the sector around the world

We hear more and more often about “Wanderlust“, also known as “traveler’s disease”. This word, which derives from German, combines the words wander (wander) and lust (obsession or desire). And the syndrome, not at all dangerous but which can be contagious, has only one symptom: the continuous desire to travel and visit new places.

And “for those with open minds and eyes, there is always something to learn around the world”. So Elio Mastrangelo talks about his business and his travel agency. Agriviaggi, between crops and agricultural machines.

The story begins in 1982 when Elio founded Naviglio Viaggi and, since then, continues with the awareness that, although tourism is increasingly the protagonist of ecommerce, there is still space and future also for a “traditional” agency.

In 2008 the business travel Mastrangelo was commissioned by John Deere Italy to travel to the United States to make part of the dealers and customers know the world headquarters of Deere & Co. This first tour gives life to Agriviaggi , the section dedicated to agricultural trips aimed at all agriculture professionals in Italy.

Why take an agricultural themed trip?
We always havesomething to learn and something to teach. A trip of this type brings you to know various realities. Take glyphosate for example, you know that behind this substance there is a negative vision and knowing the company can make you change your mind. On the farms, instead, the ones who teach are us, we are much stronger in the sector.”

What do you visit during an agriviaggio?
We visit the world headquarters of the most important companies in the sector, agrochemistry and mechanics, the local farms specialized in crops on large extensions and contractor companies. We are also guests of farms Meat and dairy model with thousands of heads and plants for the production and storage of bio-fuels. Each trip also has a part dedicated to relaxation and the discovery of the most interesting areas of the countries you visit.”

How did you create the network of companies to visit?
With the new era of social media you can get in touch to develop links and knowledge. For example, thanks to Twitter, I met hundreds of farmers abroad who allowed me to develop my network.  Subsequently, the relationships extended by appointment.”

Any characteristics of those who participate in agriviaggi?
Farmers mainly participate, but it is often the case that fans of the sector also join, perhaps retired. As for the age target, that changes according to the situation. There are various ranges: from 20 to 30 years old and from 50 upwards, but also travelers of 80 years old. There is no age limit for traveling.”

women also participate?
Absolutely yes, even if in lesser numbers. And it must be said that when there are, the group is a little less agitated.”

What is the feedback?
Everyone is happy with this experience that they consider memorable and this is really very time. I can say that during our travels there is an atmosphere of great cordiality and participation by everyone. Also by companies; the welcome is always positive and excellent and they always try to be accommodating despite the unexpected events that must always be taken into account. Once, a phone call to a couple of operators who were working on other fields was enough to arrive and show us the machines. The real added value of these trips is just that, the ‘ mutual enrichment from the human perspective and professional for the experiences that will live side by side, and make you want to immediately start to make another trip all together.”

The tours are only in the United States?
In 2019 we visited Texas and the Midwest but we also went to Canada. In addition, we have organized several tours to reach the major international fairs such as Sima in Paris and Agritechnica in Hanover.”

Will you increase the choice of destinations?
There is a request from farmers to visit RussiaRomania and also Australia. And on the latter they will soon be satisfied, in December 2020 we will leave for Australia“.