Steyr unveils a hybrid concept

The Austrian manufacturer, member of the CNH group, animated the first morning of Agritechnica with a hybrid tractor with house engine.

It was therefore necessary to wait 9 hours this Sunday, November 10 to discover the tractor that was hiding under the tarps of the Steyr stand. The Austrian tractor driver, who belongs to the same group as New Holland and Case IH, reserved a big surprise for visitors with the presentation of a concept of hybrid tractor.

FPT engine

Its first feature is the house engine, provided by FPT. The machine is equipped with a heat engine. “But to reach 250 hp, we only used a 4.5-liter 4-cylinder unit,” explains Christian Hubert, the global product development manager at Case IH and Steyr. The heat engine delivers only 150 hp but it also powers an electric generator that charges batteries up to 60 kWh. This battery is capable of providing an additional boost to the tractor, in order to reach 250 hp”. The tractor is also capable of running 100% electric. In this case, the autonomy is only one hour. “But let’s be clear, this tractor is not made to plow in 100% electric, specifies Christian Hubert. Zero emissions is primarily for work in buildings or in the farmyard.”


Five electric motors

The concept tractor incorporates an electric motor in each wheel, with different dimensions between the front and the rear. The power transmitted to each can be different, “for example to adapt to a specific slip that one of the wheels could meet”, specifies Christian Hubert. The chassis has also been revised with an independent suspension for each of the wheels and a center pivot. The four wheels are steered with a steering angle of up to 15 ° at the rear. The fifth electric motor powers the PTO and hydraulic servos.

Adaptable to all fuels

For this futuristic concept, Steyr and FPT wanted to anticipate the arrival of new fuels and not be limited to the diesel engine only. This tractor can thus be fitted with an engine running on biomethane or even hydrogen. Finally, Steyr takes the opportunity to unveil its cabin concept of the future with a fully refined interior.