The German manufacturer presents the Tiger 6S , an even more connected version equipped with its integral Tiger harvester . The technical characteristics of the machine do not change, but its electronic circuit has been revised to increase its fluidity and connectivity. This machine integrates in particular the R-Connect system, which offers remote viewing of the machine’s screens from the company’s internet portal.

The cabin is equipped with two 12.1 inch touch screens. They can display machine parameters and images from different cameras simultaneously. On the seat, the driver benefits from an additional joystick on the left armrest. It is mainly reserved for emptying the hopper. The Tiger 6S is equipped with an intelligent steering control device for the road. It synchronizes the central articulation of the machine with the direction of the front wheels.

As for the engine, the 768 hp six-cylinder supplied by Volvo Penta, and devoid of pollution control device, remains available until 2020. However, as of today the Tiger 6S is available with the Volvo Penta of 796 hp . It has the same displacement as the 768 hp model with 16.12 liters distributed over 6 cylinders, but incorporates an SCR catalyst and therefore AdBlue for a transition to the Stage V standard. Finally, all the headlights, indicators and beacons is now at Led.