Reopened the branch of the Sabatini Law, farms can apply for a contribution

It is an opportunity that is certainly worth considering, as it also includes contributions on the purchase of mechanization (for example, tractors)

The new Sabatini capital goods measure is a measure that gives many companies the opportunity to apply for contributions for investments in machinery, equipment and more.

Focusing on the agricultural sector at this juncture, let’s see what it offers and what new things are at stake.

First of all, it should be noted that Sabatini is a measure which, albeit with some differences, has its roots in past years. This is the possibility of submitting an application for assistance from companies wishing to make investments of certain types. The contribution , then, has an amount determined in an amount equal to the value of the interest calculated, conventionally, on a loan lasting five years and equal to the investment, at an annual interest rate equal to:

  • 2.75% for ordinary investments;
  • 3.575% for investments in digital technologies and in waste tracking and weighing systems (investments in so-called “industry 4.0” technologies).

This measure is important, as it also allows access to the contribution to farms.

The recent news is that, as the funds available in December 2018 ended, Sabatini could no longer finance new memberships, but, from 7 February 2019, the counter for the submission of applications was reopened.

As a result, the possibility of submitting a request for assistance is reopened for farms. It is a question that is certainly worth considering, as it also provides for contributions on the purchase of mechanization (for example, tractors) . Logically, there are conditions to be respected and limits.