Northern Italy, here are the latest news

In Friuli the RDP target has been reached, while in Trento a provincial plan to combat Asian bedbugs has been approved. The European Camarg project with Emilia Romagna as protagonist has ended

Great result for Friuli , which reaches an important standard of implementation efficiency in the RDP after starting a little on the sly. Instead, the Camarg project for the promotion of local specialties has ended , while in the Province of Trento there is more and more attention to the Asian bug , with a provincial plan of contrast and prevention.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

Psr 2014-2020, the program implementation objectives
have been met The Region has achieved and exceeded the “N + 3” spending level target for 2019 concerning the evaluation of the implementation efficiency of the Rural Development Program. To date, the total public expenditure of the RDP amounts to approximately 115 million euros (+5 million euros compared to the N + 3 threshold) and the financial progress is 39%.

A result certainly not obvious – underlines the regional councilor for Agriculture Stefano Zannier – thanks to the excellent performance of 2018 , this year we started with a good advantage despite the prospects of a hard year, with a rather limited potential volume of expenditure, due to the still initial progress of investments“.

In the last month alone 260 applications have been authorized to pay for a total amount of 7.4 million euros , to which are added further payments of Agea for 1 million euros. ” These numbers have allowed us to reach the N + 3 threshold more than a month in advance of the deadline of December 31“.

Emilia Romagna

Local products, the Camarg project
ended The Interreg Med Camarg project , started in 2017 in a partnership between Italy, France, Spain and Croatia, ended , with the aim of connecting and promoting small local producers, supporting their initiatives on the market , with the aim of offering the consumer fresh products of recognizable origin.

The partners worked together to create an online marketplace , i.e. web shops with customized characteristics for each participating region. Some transnational events were also promoted for the European institutions and the representatives of other projects, through which the partnership shared the idea of ​​Camarg and its objectives and results.


Fight against the Asian bug, the province takes the field with an ad hoc plan

Pending the national plan, the autonomous province of Trento has deliberated its own provincial plan in contrasting and preventing against the Asian bug, a document prepared in collaboration with the Foundation Edmund Mach . The measures contained concern monitoring, chemical defense, installation of anti-insect nets , biological control and dissemination of best agronomic practices. The breeding and distribution of allochthonous parasitoids, such as Trissolcus Japonicus and Trissolcus mitsukurii, is then planned . This containment measure will have to be long-term and aims ateradication of the problem . To these prevention measures are added those to support the income of damaged farms, which will be joined by the interventions implemented in 2020 by the Producers’ Organizations and by Co.Di.Pr.A, through the Solidarity Fund for damages from plant diseases.

Until the natural balance is achieved thanks to the contrasting action of the antagonistic insects – underlines Councilor Giulia Zanotelli – the direct fight against the insect will not be able to limit the damage to the cropsat an economically acceptable level, for this reason we deemed it necessary to include in the provincial action plan to combat the Asian bedbug also a series of measures to guarantee the income of farms and workers employed in the fruit conservation and processing sector”. It is essential to create a system to face this emergency in an integrated way which, as is already happening in other regions, risks jeopardizing entire sectors of the agricultural sector”.