Growing bio can be more effective than traditional methods. For five excellent reasons

The cultivation places man in relation with nature: this report you can live in many ways.

Intensive agriculture that favors monoculture intends to control every factor at stake and scientifically remove everything that hinders its objectives. With this in mind, the soil is exploited until it is completely plundered, plant nutrition is based on fast-release chemical fertilizers , pesticides are used to eliminate pathogens and parasites, each spontaneous species is chemically weeded, hybrid and GMO seeds are selected .

Organic cultivation has a different vision, which starts from the premise of following and imitating nature. Obviously every cultivated space is no longer a natural balance, it is affected by human intervention and this also applies to the organic garden . However the organic method approaches with respect to every natural process, following those dynamics that are favorable to cultivated plants.

The respectful intervention of the organic method can prove in many ways more effective than the conventional one. We discover five excellent reasons to grow bio.