Government refinancing of the New Sabatini measure, an important development tool

The Nuova Sabatini is an incentive measure for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, which provides for contributions in favor of companies that acquire, through direct purchase or leasing, machinery, equipment, plants, capital goods for production and hardware, as well as software and digital technologies.

This measure provides, for companies that have submitted an admissible application, to access financing aimed at realizing the investment envisaged in the application itself and to receive a contribution from the Ministry of Economic Development, calculated on the basis of the relative interests. to these loans . Specifically, companies can access a contribution determined in an amount equal to the value of the interest calculated, conventionally, on a loan lasting five years and of an equal amount to the investment, at an annual interest rate equal to 2 , 75% for ordinary investments and 3.575% for particular other types of investments.

The Nuova Sabatini, therefore, can be an important development tool , especially for farms , which can take advantage of it for investments in mechanization . Clearly, in order to benefit from it, the ceiling of resources available at national level must not be completed.

Precisely on this last point, discussions are underway in the Budget Law 2020 , which is being defined. It would seem, in fact, that among the innumerable proposals contained in the legislative text, which is still being examined , there is also that of refinancing the Nuova Sabatini measure, making additional resources available in the ceiling . Consequently, if this were confirmed, a space would open up for companies to submit additional applications.

In addition to the possibility of refinancing the measure, it would also be discussing about any further changes regarding subsidized goods and the presentation of applications.

Clearly, at the moment, the legal text has not yet been definitively approved, therefore it is information that could be subject to variations or even upheavals. However, given the importance of the Nuova Sabatini measure for businesses, it is advisable to keep up to date with the evolution of the story.