France threatens Brazil: “Ready to blow up the EU-Mercosur agreement”

Paris attacks Bolsonaro’s environmental policy, in particular on the Amazon case. And it may not ratify the commercial agreement between Europe and South America. In the background, the concerns of French meat producers

No to the ratification of the trade agreement between the European Union and the Mercosur countries until Brazil changes its course towards its environmental policies and the exploitation of the Amazon. This is the threat launched by the French government regarding the agreement between Brussels and the South American bloc formed not only by Brazil but also by Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

“We cannot sign a trade agreement with a country that does not respect the Amazon rainforest, which does not respect the Paris Agreement, France will not sign the agreement with Mercosur under these conditions,” said the French Environment Minister, Elisabeth Borne. The statements made to the Bfm television channel are a new signal sent to Brazil by Emmanuel Macron’s executive, who maintains a bitter controversy over the Amazon with his counterpart, Jair Bolsonaro.

The Brazilian president criticized France explicitly during his speech to the United Nations on September 24 and a couple of days later he resumed the argument saying that Europeans try to “co-opt” the Indians of the forest. In the meantime, Bolsonaro sent his ministers, Tereza Cristina (Agriculture) and Ricardo Salles (Environment) to Europe last week to “clarify” to local governments and entrepreneurs what its environmental policy consists of. “The problem of the Amazon is disinformation, the worst plague is disinformation,” said the head of agriculture in Geneva, where she met officials from the World Trade Organization.

Behind the clash between Macron and Bolsonaro, there are also protests from French farmers, who fear with the agreement an invasion of South American meat on the EU market. Without the Paris ok, the commercial agreement cannot enter into force.