Business leaders all have the same challenges

Two entrepreneurs from sectors as different as dairy production and transportation presented the challenges they face

What do Marcel Thuot, founder of Techno Diesel, and Simon Lefebvre, dairy producer at the Gerville farm in Baie-du-Febvre have in common? They are both entrepreneurs. They were both invited to lead a panel within the framework of the Dairy Cattle Symposium of the Quebec Agriculture and Agri-Food Reference Center (CRAAQ). They were accompanied by human resources advisor Karine Phaneuf, from the Chaudiere-Appalaches Agricultural Employment Center.

Listening to Marcel Thuot speak, you quickly understand that his company, Techno Diesel from Joliette, is not that different from agricultural businesses. A mechanic by training, he built his company which has become over the past 42 years a leader in its field.

Like the agricultural sector, Techno Diesel is a family story. His wife, Jacinte Maihot, and their four daughters, Caroline, Marilene, Andree-Anne and Marjorie, are part of the company. The future is therefore in good hands.

Marcel Thuot is now an entrepreneur-coach at the Ecole d’Entrepreneurship de Beauce. In his presentation to the Symposium, he gives several relevant tips.

Here are some quotes to think about:

– “An entrepreneur is a very special person who has a good idea and who dares to go after his means. I would not be here if I were not. We’re in business to get results.”

– “It is important to have a company that stands out. This is what motivates employees.”

– “A vision: it’s ambitious; what a dream; it means communicating in an appropriate way.”

– “What helped me, around 2000, was when I realized who I am. I am a mechanic by training. You have to know how to surround yourself, trust, love.”

– “When you love your employees, it’s easy to encourage them. We hire skills. When you start to like him less (the employee), it’s a question of attitude. If so, change it.”

– “The team is there to help us succeed.”

– “A happy person is a person who puts their skills to the maximum.”

– “A good business manager is inspiring, stimulating and radiant.”

In summary, Marcel Thuot defines a good entrepreneur as a person who has a vision, who knows himself, who knows how to surround himself and delegate. He communicates and is grateful. Finally, he plans his succession.

In two articles to come, we will present to you, the visions of Karine Phaneuf and Simon Lefebvre.